Black Jack Tips

Take some tips from the experts to improve your game! Blackjack is a game of skill, so study up and you’ll walk away from the table happier. Our blackjack knowledge base contains a great deal of information to help you learn blackjack or improve your game.

This page is a small collection of blackjack tips. If you are a bit familiar with the game but want to make sure you’re not missing anything in your strategy, read over the following list of tips. If all of these blackjack tips make their way into your strategy one way or another, you’re likely playing well.

  1. Always keep in mind that blackjack, unlike many other casino offerings, is a game of skill. You can get better at it, and you can play poorly.
  2. Always split Aces and Eights. This is the golden rule of splitting, followed by the silver and bronze rules: never split two ten value cards, never split two fives.
  3. Double down when appropriate or you’re giving up some of the house edge. Always double down on an 11.
  4. Basic strategy is your friend, deviation from basic strategy will cost you money. View our basic strategy charts for single deck, 2 deck, 4 or more deck and european¬†blackjack strategy cards – click here –
  5. Always wear a watch, and keep track of the time, because the casino won’t do it for you.
  6. The dealer’s hand averages 18, so don’t be afraid to hit.
  7. Look for tables that require dealers to stand on all 17s.
  8. A dealer will bust more often when their up-card is a 3, 4, 5, or 6 – these are known as busting cards, and must be taken advantage of.
  9. Pay attention to your bankroll. Set win and loss limits for you sessions and stick with them.
  10. Try to find tables that use a small number of bets, just so long as they don’t alter any other rules.
  11. If you find a mistake on this blackjack tips page or find we have omitted something of importance, please let us know.